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Professional Organizations


"Armen Melkonians has proven his commitment to the city of Santa Monica through years of pro-resident activism. As his work has continued, it has become more evident that his efforts are

needed on the Santa Monica City Council.

Armen is committed to prioritizing the needs of the people of Santa Monica, and will work tirelessly to promote public safety and usable spaces for all."

Dom Bei, Santa Monica Firefighters Local 1109


Friends of Sunset Park, Board of Directors

NE Neighbors.JPG

Santa Monica Northeast Neighbors, Board of Directors


Elected Officials


Richard Polanco.png

Former California Democratic State Majority Leader and

Chairman of the California Latino Legislative Caucus

Senator Polanco has fought tirelessly on behalf of underserved communities throughout the State of California.  He has spent a lifetime advocating for low income communities and authored significant legislation creating policy in the areas of: Congregate Living Facilities for HIV Populations, Accessibility Emergency Services Information for the Hearing Impaired, Small Business Innovation Research Program, Water Desalination Facilities, California Business Preference Bond Act, California Aerospace and Advanced Transportation Supplier Program, Farm worker Housing Attorney Fees Act, Community Colleges Economic Development Program, Community College –California /Mexican International Trade Centers, Cesar Chavez Community Service Holiday, and  The California Voting Rights Act.

Senator richard polanco (ret)


*All titles are provided for identification purposes only.

  • Kate Bransfield, Board Member Wilshire Montana Neighborhood Coalition

  • Lori Brown, City of Santa Monica Recreation and  Parks Commissioner

  • Nancy Coleman, Chair of The North of Montana Neighborhood Association

  • Tricia Crane, Chair of Northeast Neighbors Association

  • Ellen Hannan, Treasurer, Santa Monica Mid City Neighbors

  • Andy Hoyer, Board Member Santa Monica Mid City Neighbors

  • Jay Johnson, Former Santa Monica Rent Control Board Commissioner, Former Santa Monica Democratic Club President, Former Santa Monica Planning Commissioner

  • Zina Josephs, President, Friends of Sunset Park

  • Maryanne LaGuardia, Chair of the City of Santa Monica Recreation and Parks Commission

  • Jeanne Laurie, Secretary, Friends of Sunset Park.

  • Maria Loya, Communications Officer, Pico Neighborhood Association

  • Chris McLeod, Chair, Pico Neighborhood Association

  • John C. Smith, City of Santa Monica Recreation and  Parks Commissioner / Board Member Wilshire Montana Neighborhood Coalition

  • Elizabeth Van Denburgh,  Chair of Wilshire Montana Neighborhood Coalition, & Chair of the City of Santa Monica Audit Subcommittee

  • Marc L. Verville, City of Santa Monica Audit Subcommittee Vice Chair

  • David Yuguchi, Vice Chair of Northeast Neighbors Association

Other Candidates

Armen also endorses the following Santa Monica-Mallibu Unified School Board candidates, also known as the "Change Slate for 2022." 

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 11_36_46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 11_38_55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 11.51.16 AM.png
Josh Newman.jpg

Democratic State Senator Josh Newman

​Josh Newman is a United States Army veteran, community activist, non-profit founder, and State Senator for the 29th Senate district of California. A graduate of Yale, Senator Newman has been motivated by public service his whole life.

As the 29th district representative to the State Senate, Senator Newman has successfully guided more than 20 pieces of legislation that supported veteran services and mental health resources, improved local schools, helped businesses create jobs, and protected open space. 

As a public servant, Senator Newman prides himself on being active, accessible, and accountable, unafraid to put constituents over politics and working families ahead of special interests. 

Senator Josh Newman

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